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ADT is one of the most experienced companies in home automation solutions. The company has been in the business of securing homes for 140 years, building solid customer relationships with its ever-expanding repertoire of services. ADT provides 24/7 home monitoring and automation solutions with the latest technologies. For customers, ease of use and peace of mind are of paramount importance and that’s why ADT is preferred.

To date, ADT has served 7 million customers. Customer service personnel are always on hand to help home automation systems owners make full-use of their smart home features. ADT provides three core automation services:

  • Home Automation
  • Home Security
  • Home Health

Home automation

ADT’s home automation features make homes smarter. With the help of their mobile app on compatible smartphones and tablets, they allow homeowners to do the following:

Arm and disarm security systems

Sophisticated security systems can easily be turned on and off with the homeowner’s authenticated credentials. Door locks, proximity alarms, and intruder detecting alerts can be temporarily disabled and then enabled, making home security a hassle-free and fool-proof system.

Real-time security alerts

Thanks to modern communication technologies, homeowners can be notified via designated email addresses or cell phone numbers in case a security issue occurs. This can help them send commands to deal with the issue as they see fit from anywhere in the world. All they need is an internet connection on their mobile device.

Thermostat control

Want to make your home warm or cool when you arrive at your premises? You can by simply using your smartphone.

Powering off

Go green and save on energy costs from appliances accidentally left on. Home automation systems can shut any unattended electrical appliances off, based on time schedules or commands sent remotely; this means shutting off lights automatically based on set scheduled and personal routines.

Home security

ADT delivers an all-encompassing 360° view of protection and security. Their feature-packed security solution offers protection against the following:


Safety sensors, such as infrared sensors, laser sensors, motion detectors and sound detectors will alert you to any intruder who enters the premises.

Fire and smoke

Be informed in the event a fire stars in your home due to electrical short circuits or a kitchen mishap. Fires can potentially cause a buildup of poisonous gases and smoke, which is why ADT security representatives recommend purchasing a carbon monoxide sensor to homeowners. A carbon monoxide sensor would ensure suffocation dangers are detected and dealt with right away.

Flood monitoring

In the event that a water pipe bursts in your basement, ADT’s flood monitoring features will notify you. The pressure in any room is monitored by proximity and barometric sensors. Homeowners won’t ever have to worry about a leaky tap faucet or an overflowing bathtub as the notifications will help homeowners take action in a timely manner.

Temperature monitoring

If the room temperature gets too hot or too cold for comfort, ADT’s smart thermostat monitoring feature ensures the temperature is stabilized and kept at a comfortable level. In case of increased heat temperatures due to fires, warning alerts will be sent to mobile devices.

Home health

ADT’s home automation solutions are also designed to monitor and observe health of designated persons in the home. Those who require 24/7 supervision and timely medical attention can make use of ADT’s Home Health features, such as the following:

Two-way voice intercom

Homeowners will experience the most comprehensive solution with a two-way intercom installed around the house. This proves fruitful for people who require medical supervision and attention as their messages can be relayed to family members or medical staff anywhere in the house.

Fall detection pendant

A special pendant can be worn by the elderly to register sudden movements such as collisions or falls. The pendant sends out an emergency alert to other occupants of the house so that the issue is attended to and medical care gets there in time.


To monitor the health progress of a medical patient at home, there are also special wristbands available which have GPS capabilities. These wristbands monitor vital statistics, such as heart rate.

Installation costs and packages

ADT charges $28.99 per month for its security services. This rate also includes the installation for two wireless cameras if the customer upgrades to ADT’s Pulse package of wireless security monitoring. For people opting for ADT’s 36-month security monitoring contract, they can benefit from 24/7 security for as low as $1 per day.

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