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control4-home-automationHome automation is a viable technology that makes life easier – and safer. Control4 provides top notch personalized automation and control systems. Their systems can be customized to respond to any given command.

Control4 was founded in 2003, giving home owners an affordable yet powerful means to enhance their homes with smart, responsive technology. Their home automation solutions include options for controlling lighting, thermostat, music, video, security and more. Their products can even help homeowners go green by taking advantage of energy saving features.

Based in Salt Lake City, the company is one of the largest home automation solution providers with offices all over the world in the UK, China & India. The company’s products feature the award-winning Control4’s OS 2.6 that lets home owners customize virtually every aspect of their smart home. The OS can work over internet and mobile cellular networks, giving owners unprecedented access and information about their household.

Family room

The family room remains the core and center of all home automation experiences. Control4 makes this experience more enjoyable with smart features, such as:

  • Centralized security video feed. Connects with touch screens/phones/tablets and can check who is at the door when the doorbell rings. It does this by seamlessly integrating into wireless cameras all around the premises.
  • A unified remote. Connects to TVs, music players, media centers, and other assorted multimedia hardware. Gone are the days of keeping track of four or more remote controls.


Kitchens are an essential component of every household, and one that can also benefit from home automation features. Control4’s home automation features make cooking experiences more focused and more enjoyable. Here’s how:


When it’s cooking time, the system automatically changes the ambiance of the room to “cooking mode”. For instance, uplifting and inspiring music from your playlists starts to play and lights are switched on to focus on the chef area. These settings are all pre-programmed by the homeowner.

In addition, having some guests over? A dedicated “entertain” feature deploys the lights and sound system in your premises to get the party started. Homeowners have the ability to customize and create the perfect atmosphere and ambiance for whatever experience they want.

Notification system

Control4’s smart notification system works by sending a voice notification through connected intercoms at your home. That’s right, stop searching around the home for every family member to notify them that dinner is ready. Furthermore, this notification can be customized to use flashing lights in addition or as an alternative.


Retreating for some rest after a busy and tiring day? Or perhaps you need some help waking up. Control4’s bedroom features take care of your individual needs. For instance, a seamless and pleasant “wake up” mode that plays your favorite tune to help get you out of bed. Curtains can be controlled to gradually allow some shade and sunshine into your room. Alternatively, the room lights can go from dim to bright for any duration of time that home owners program it.

In the same respect, in the evening, curtains can be closed, lights switched off and security systems armed before bedtime. All homeowners would need to do is simply press the “goodnight” mode button.


Control4 can give new meaning to your home cinema experience. OS 2.6 integrates with your next-generation audio-visual entertainment systems to deliver immersive and hassle-free experiences. With Control4 automation products, you can do the following:

  • Use one controller to create the perfect movie viewing ambience.
  • Cut down on distractions with special features. For instance, if you pause the movie, the lights automatically brighten and make your room visible.
  • Answer phone calls and door bells at ease as the system intelligently pauses your movie.


Patio and outdoor spaces give off a unique flair for your home. Control4 provides several intuitive features that will enhance your backyard experience:

  • Control hot tubs with a tap of a finger on your phone.
  • Control or set time schedules for backyard spotlights and patio lights.
  • Keep walls and premises secure with motion sensors, lights and alerts.


Control4’s Starter Kit retails begins at $1,000, which includes installation costs. Additional units can be purchased at the owner’s request:

ComponentSpecs/functionEstimated Cost
HC-800 ControllerDual Core 1.8 GHz Processor can run even the most demanding control system.$600
Electronic Door LocksRemotely lock and unlock doors from web enabled device.$100


The Control4 home automation solution is one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions in the market. For those who are starting out in the exciting world of smart homes, Control4 is a provider to consider.

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