Enhanced Safety and Security with Home Automation

Home automation has become increasingly popular over recent years, as people seek to enhance comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency by automating everything in their household, ranging from HVAC to lighting and from appliances to the locks on their doors and gates.

Most importantly, however, home automation helps make your home a safer and more secure place.

ha-securityHome automation systems can be integrated with a variety of technology features which enhance the overall security of your household, both when you are at home and away from home. Home automated security uses sensors that are either wireless, hardwired, or both to alert you to burglary, fire, flooding, water leaks, and even common toxic gases.

Popular security technology includes:

  • Electronic door locks
  • Lighting (interior and exterior)
  • Motion detectors
  • Security cameras and sirens
  • Weather and temperature sensors (wind, rain, light, humidity)

The increasing use of smart phones and tablet devices allows homeowners to fully enjoy the benefits of their security technology because they have 24/7 access to the following:

  • Integration. You can conveniently integrate the security systems in your home with your home automation system, and receive remote surveillance footage on your phone through the internet.
  • Accessibility. Forgetting to lock your doors or to activate your alarm system is no longer a problem, since you can secure them at anytime, from anywhere, through your mobile devices.
  • Notifications. You will receive immediate alerts on your phone from your home security system in case of any mishaps or emergencies in your home, such as water leaks, fires, or doors left open.

The security benefits of home automation are not only limited to mobility though, but extend to when you are at home as well:

  • Health. State of the art home automation systems incorporate medical alert systems for seniors, so they can be offered medical assistance at home or rushed to the hospital.
  • Alerts. Signals from the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will alert the home automation services even if you are asleep or otherwise unable to do so yourself.
  • Safety lights. All night lighting options are also available to deter any potential thieves, and therefore can help you sleep soundly and peacefully.

Furthermore, motion-activated outside lighting is integrated into these systems, which can be a highly effective method of chasing away trespassers and thieves, while the hi/low combination lighting option helps you simulate the appearance of being at home when you may be across town having fun with friends and family.

The security technology of home automation systems adds a level of protection. Not only can you check up on your family’s safety when you are away, but your smart home will notify you if anything goes haywire while you’re away, such as floods or fires.

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