Home Automation Entertainment Features Offer Luxurious Lifestyle for Less

Imagine walking into your home and your house greets you automatically by turning the lights on, adjusting the temperature, and by playing your favorite music. This is all possible – with home automation. Home automation has rolled into today’s lifestyle, and made life significantly more convenient and comfortable.

One of the biggest advantages of home automation is that it can significantly enhance your home entertainment experience. Below, we’ll cover how it can enhance your theater and music experience.

Home Theater

home-entertainmentMedia rooms and theaters in homes are common. However, imagine if you didn’t have to adjust the display, the sound, and the lighting every time you wanted to watch a game or a movie. There are various ways in which home automation can enhance your entertainment options at home.


Your house will automatically dim the lights according to preset preferences as soon as you play a movie. This can be accomplished by the installation of motion detectors that can sense your presence in the room. You can set your own personal preferences for dimming the light, controlling the brightness of the room by yourself. You can either use a remote for this purpose or your smart phone / tablet.

Media Player

The home theater will respond to any distractions which threaten to disrupt your entertainment, such as the doorbell or a ringing phone, and put all audio and video media on hold until you are ready to resume. Some noise and motion sensors go into play here, putting all of your ‘Now Playing’ media on pause as you exit the room to respond to a call or doorbell. Once you are back to the theatre room, the media player automatically un-pauses, ensuring you haven’t missed anything.

Universal remote

A universal remote allows you to control all the available functions in your home theater system without having to juggle with five different remotes. The idea is to reduce clutter and nuisance value. Home automation is about offering consumers an intuitive and user-friendly way of accessing the most common functions at a glance. Your remote is smart and programmed for a variety of different home automation appliances.

Modern mobile OS platforms such as iOS and Android can seamlessly communicate with your home automation equipment via a dedicated app. You could simply control all the features through your smart phone or tablet, and eliminate the need for remotes entirely. More than that, you can stream TV shows and movies from Netflix and similar services, and send a single media player or satellite tuner to all the televisions in your home – all with one, single remote. This is possible because all your media players are networked together.


The thought of walking inside your home and your favorite song starting to play is a great way for homeowners to be greeted. With home automation, it’s possible; home automation systems make your entire music library accessible in every room. You can stream a variety of music services with your smart phone or tablet, and then play them through your automated home entertainment system.

This is possible due to the compatibility of wireless music streaming services such as AirPlay. Your entire iTunes Library or any other digital music collection is accessible from any room in the house through a hard drive networked with your home automation system, thanks to Airplay streaming.

Furthermore, the existence of different audio zones around your home enables you to stream your favorite songs and travel with you from one room to another. A variety of music can be played in the different audio zones in your home. These speakers can be installed throughout the house and can play songs from your music collection on demand.

AirPlay technology makes seamless wireless streaming of audio possible, with your phone controlling which speakers can play the song and at what volume. From the comfort of your smartphone, playlists can be created and saved according to various automated moods. This allows you to simply select one for a particular occasion, say a pool party. Depending on the selected setting, the appropriate music will be played, followed by lighting being turned on and the hot tub being heated up.

The features available vary with different home automation systems, and different brand packages will include or exclude a certain set of home entertainment features. Furthermore, there will be additional costs for each feature you choose, as well as the relative installation costs.

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