Home Automation Light Settings Can Brighten Your Day

Proper illumination makes a huge difference in people’s everyday lives. The lights that homeowners install around their homes can be customized to better suit a mood or the time of the day. Home automation systems make all of this possible as homeowners will have access to “smart” features and controls.

When investing in a lighting control system for your home, there are varying costs and complex issues to consider. Lights can come in two dedicated configurations:

  • Simple, standalone product – Light is operated via a timer system. This is the cheapest option available for those on a budget as it lacks mood settings and dimming capabilities.
  • Sophisticated lighting systems – Integrates with your home automation system and offers advanced features and hardware such as dimmers, resistance and voltage controllers.

light-settingsSophisticated lighting systems give homeowners a high tech experience with advanced features. For instance, home owners can even check up on the whether lights were accidentally left on while they are miles away from their home.

By investing in a state of the art lighting system, homeowners can access sophisticated mood features; they are customizable and can be programmed to work automatically on preset triggers and events. They can also be operated manually via remote control.
These features can transform a dull room into an extravagant environment.

Party Mode

The ’Party mode’ setting is custom-tailored for people who like living life to the fullest. The system can automatically dim the rooms, play music and turn on the fireplace so that a veritable party atmosphere is ensured for all the guests.

Night Time (or good night mode)

Forgot to switch off those lights downstairs but lack the strength to get out of the bed? Homeowners who have just retreated to their bed and are in the midst of falling asleep can simply turn the lights off with a simple switch or a tap on the mobile app to arm their security alarms – the “night time” mode.

Kitchen Mode

Got a huge meal to cook? Lights under cabinets and all over the kitchen area can be focused and well-illuminated by home automation system. When a chef gets ready to cook a meal, the installed lights across the kitchen adjust their brightness and hue accordingly. This ensures everything is visible.

Panic Button

In case of any intruder break-ins and security alarm tripping, the whole house can act as a defense mechanism and alert neighbors. The lighting system makes all the lights in the home go on, making visibility and apprehension of intruders a top priority. Exterior flashing lights are also activated to alert neighbors and the authorities that something is going on inside your premises.

Welcome Home Mode

A ‘welcome home’ setting is a feature found on sophisticated lighting systems. This setting illuminates lights from your garage to your destination of rest, be it kitchen or drawing room. As you park your car, the lights in the garage light up. As you make your way from the garage into any section of the home, the lights follow you. Upon you exiting a room, the lights automatically go off. This gives off a feeling the home itself knows that you are in. This can be accomplished by motion sensors which detect your movement in the premises.

Entertainment Mode

For the home theatre enthusiasts and audiophiles and music lovers, this setting turns the ambience of the room into something like a café. It can transform a designated media room with subtle lighting styles that allow home owners, friends and family to relax and enjoy their favorite songs and movies in peace and tranquility.

Automated Shade Control

Let the shades and curtains in the bedrooms and other rooms open up gradually and automatically when it’s time to wake up for the day.

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