Home Automation Mobile Apps Provide Total Control at the Touch of Your Fingers

Ever since the influx of sophisticated mobile smart phones and other mobile devices, home automation solution providers have been able to transform their services. Today, mobile applications enable home owners to stay connected to their systems. Popular mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Blackberry power as much as 95% of the world’s smart phones. Phones which run these operating systems have access to faster 3G/4G mobile networks, delivering blazing fast internet speeds and high data rates to the masses.

ha-mobile-appsThe software and hardware on smart phones is extremely sophisticated and powerful. It is capable of running fully featured home automation mobile apps – apps that can track the status of connected objects in your smart home. Homeowners can just glance at intuitive icons to see the status of their thermostat, alarms, security, and more. Home owners can watch the live video feeds from their premises directly on their smart phone/tablet screens. Home owners can easily turn lights on and off, and manipulate their brightness with slider controls that appear in their smart phone screen.

One of the best features of a mobile app powered home automation solution? You will no longer need a dozen specialized and proprietary remote control units and light dimmers. Everything can be done via app.


A home automation solution with an intuitively designed app will enhance your overall experience. Here are some of the best features to consider:

Televisions & Home Theater:

Users can turn on their TVs, control playback speed, manipulate volume levels, rewind, and pause their favorite movies and TV shows, all by either using the interface on the mobile app or by taking advantage of voice-activated functions. The aim of the mobile app is to reduce clutter and for home owners to enjoy their multimedia collections without spending time fiddling with the remote.

Investing in a mobile app means that consumers do not need to buy specialized remote controls as well as voice control units with sophisticated technology and microphones. The system also cuts down on learning curves and is less complex as a result.


Reporting an emergency in case of a security mishap or issue at home becomes more efficient with a mobile app. Users can view live camera feeds, check up on all safety measures, and review the status of security with automatic door locks. In case of any unlocked doors, the mobile app can show the status with a helpful lock icon. Real time alerts can be seen straight on smartphones and tablets.

The locks need to be connected to the Central Control unit of the home automation system. They also need to be integrated with proximity sensors which can push notifications to your mobile device instantly. Wireless sensors for alerting users of the change in status of these locks can be purchased within $50-60 each.

All the mobile communication signals are protected with industrial grade encryption and security features which ensure that your home automation systems are free from intruders and hackers.


On particularly extreme hot days, temperature control is an essential feature for any automated home owner to have. Integrating existing temperature sensors around the premises with the mobile app can let users observe room temperature. More than that, mobile apps can also send signals to connected thermostats as well as fireplaces to help adjust the level accordingly.

Fans around the premises can be sped up or slowed down as home owners prepare to return to their home in order to greet them with the perfectly cooled or warm temperatures they desire.


The perfect combination of mobile apps and powerful smart phone technology has given home owners an incentive to invest in a comprehensive automation solution. The prospect of monitoring and controlling your home with a technologically sophisticated yet intuitive mobile app is practical and convenient.

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