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vivint-home-automationVivint is a leader in home automation solutions with over 675,000 installed systems across the US and Canada. The company has been in the home automation and security solutions business for 13 years and was founded in 1999 as APX Alarm by Todd Pedersen. Vivint is one of the largest companies that specialize in home automation in North America. To date, the company has served 800,000 customers with their affordable home automation solutions and stellar after sales services.

Products are designed for consumers who want fool-proof and energy-efficient footprint security solution. Their products can be broken down into:

  • Smart Security
  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Control
  • Smart Solar

Vivint provides a seamless combination of solutions to power its home automation systems, such as an intuitive touchscreen panel that serves as a communication base for all other products connected to Vivint’s home automation network. The following are features which make Vivint’s smart solutions popular amongst customers both old and new.

Smart Security

Vivint’s systems are all wireless, preventing intruders and security threats from cutting off the source of security alarms. Communication between home automation products is seamless and instantaneous over mobile networks (3G/4G) and Wi-Fi internet signals. This ensures homeowners can get real-time updates on their mobile devices and computers. Vivint’s security specialists are also available 24/7, allowing customers complete peace of mind with emergency response services across the year.

In the case of unlocked doors or disabled alarms, a touch of a button will rectify the issue thanks to Vivint Sky, an integrated solution that lets homeowners control their home appliances and security locks from their phones, computers or touch screen panel. Sensors and detectors connected to Vivint Sky can send alerts to designated devices and notify owners. Motion detectors can even record movements and trigger alerts.

The system can also be configured to send non-emergency alerts based on customized events. In case of any fire, the smoke detectors send out an emergency and high priority alert.

With a Smart Security package, homeowners will receive the following:

  • Touchscreen panel
  • Door and window sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Key fob
  • Vivint yard signs

The listed equipment above are powered by the following features:

  • Vivint Live Communication
  • Non-emergency alerts
  • Severe weather alerts (subject to location and areas)
  • Free mobile application
  • 24/7 security monitoring

Smart Security is priced at $54 a month, delivering unmatched and comprehensive security for homes.

Smart Energy

Vivint delivers top notch home automation systems that are eco-friendly for sustainable living. With a suite of features guaranteed to make life easier and greener, Vivint’s Smart Energy products come with the following capabilities to help keep energy costs low.

Powering Off Anywhere

Homeowners have the power to control any electrical equipment from their mobile devices through Vivint Sky, a smart home system you can easily integrate into your smartphone or tablet. Solar irradiation sensors can even detect when it’s daytime and switch lights off automatically. In addition, the home automation system can also detect if the house has been unattended after a certain amount of time and turn off any lights.

Comfort Control

With Vivint’s Smart Thermostat, homeowners can access their thermostats remotely to control the heat or AC in a designated area before they return home. Smart features provide huge energy savings by working with schedules and temperature levels to maintain optimal temperature. With proximity detection and motion sensors, thermostats can start working the instant a person enters the area.

For Smart Energy, Vivint offers the following equipment:

  • Smart thermostat
  • Small appliance control

Pricing for Smart energy starts at $60 a month.

Smart Control

Get access to simple and intuitive control functions for household electrical appliances with Vivint’s Smart Control. Keep in touch with family thru video feeds that update in real-time. Vivint’s Live Video feature connects people via their phone to their home cameras and displays. Control locks with Vivint electronic door locks that might’ve been left opened or unattended from the mobile phone.

For Smart Home package subscribers Vivint offers the same equipment mentioned above, with video cameras. Plans for Smart Home start at $70 a month.

Smart Solar

Going green is both popular and provides big cost savings. As a result, home automation providers are increasingly tapping into solar powered products that help homeowners save money. Homeowners don’t have to invest a significant sum of money upfront and are able to enjoy up to 30% savings on their utility bills. Reducing your carbon footprint shouldn’t mean sacrificing some lifestyle choice and with Smart Solar package by Vivint, this is more than a possibility.

By installing solar panels, Smart Solar also gives homeowners the means to save big by choosing their own provider. With these products from Vivint, consumers can make most of their home automation efforts, save on energy and simplify lives.

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